• Lockdown Light
    Here’s to a winter of making in the absence of making plans.
  • International Photobooth Convention 2016
    Looking ahead to IPC2016.
  • International Photobooth Convention 2014
    Geeking out with other booth nerds? YES PLEASE.
  • The Balaclava Project
    My balaclava project is a long running study in identity and concealment.
  • Fred Aldous Window Exhibition
    Fred Aldous are famous for their window displays. This was the perfect culmination of my residency there.
  • Artist in Residence No Longer
    One year on, and my residency at Fred’s is drawing to a close.
  • The Curated Ego
    Delighted to have my work included in The Curated Ego: ‘Selfie’ discussion by StudioSTRIKE at the National Portrait Gallery.
  • Tonga
    Portraits of Tongan people, all taken with their permission in 2008.