Kate Tyler is a photobooth artist based in the UK. 

An analogue photobooth represents a unique medium, with no photographer, no negative and no means of editing the images once they are taken. Tyler utilises the standardised strip format and fixed focus lens that photobooths offer, to create singular images, serial projects and extended montages.

Tyler’s innovative and experimental use of this restrictive photographic format sees her exhibiting a broad range of artistic concerns: from documentary to abstraction, and performance to conceptual art. The contrasting dualities of public and private; freedom and restriction; subject and object permeate all of her photobooth work.

Interested in themes of identity, repetition and the dichotomies presented by the photobooth, Tyler’s work draws on a wide range of influences. From Victorian samplers and educational posters for The Alphabetak Series, to contemporary ideas around identity and menace in Balaclava, her inspirational scope is certainly diverse.

Tyler’s photobooth pieces have been published in a variety of forms. They are held in private collections around the world and have been widely exhibited.

Tyler lives in Devon with her partner, the ceramicist Jason Marks, and their daughter.