Lockdown Light

As England enters its second lockdown, and our days are shorter, wetter and darker, I’m struck by how much lighter this new period of restrictions feels.

Back in the Spring, with sunshine and birdsong in abundance, I found it hard to be creative. Partly this was due to the practicalities of juggling childcare and work, but also due in part to the unknowing, unending element of the stay-at-home orders.

This time, with the roads just as busy, schools still open and Autumn raging, instead of feeling bleaker I feel inspired. Inspired to update my website (finally!), inspired to plan some new projects and inspired to try and exhibit.

Seeing live art, visiting galleries, watching performances – it all felt so much more precious and important over the Summer. This year has certainly reminded me of the hope and hoorays creativity brings. I’m grateful for that.

Here’s to a winter of making in the absence of making plans.

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